The Various Types of Door Hinge to Know Before Installing the Lock System

What happens if a door is not equipped with hinges? Of course, a door without hinges cannot function as an entry and exit access. Although the physical is covered and barely visible, but the door hinges play an important role to unite two solid objects. Remembering the importance of the existence of door hinges for a house, this time, we will discuss various types of door hinges and their respective functions. Calling the Locksmith in your area is helpful, especially if you don’t know which door hinge to choose when you plan to install a new door with its lock system.

Butterfly door hinges

Having a butterfly-like shape, this type of door hinge is made of metal material and is thin in shape. For its function, the butterfly door hinges are used to connect lightweight door and door frames.

The use of butterfly door hinges is ideally paired on doors made of aluminum, uPVC or doors with light wood material. Regarding its size, butterfly door hinges are available in variants of 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches.

Panel door hinges



This one door hinge resembles a butterfly door hinge but is more sturdy and thick. For its function, panel hinges are used for panel doors made of wood. Not only that, these door hinges can be used to support windows with heavy loads and are available in several size variants such as 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches.

Spoon Door Hinges

There are also spoon door hinges that are commonly used on cupboard doors or closed storage boxes. Spoon door hinges are divided into two types, namely bent door hinges that are used on the inner door so that the flat surface with the thick side of the cabinet wall and straight spoon door hinges are ideally applied to the outer door.

Patrom Door Hinges

Patrom door hinges have a shape resembling the letter H and are suitable to be applied to the design of the weighted door so that it is easier to move or remove, these hinges are also often also called the name of the pulling hinge. This type is very suitable pinned on the door of a minimalist house which is planned to get expansion later on. Patrom door hinges are available in several sizes. Variants that can be found on the market are patrom door hinges measuring 80 x 50 mm, 110 x 55 mm and 140 x 60 mm.